LoveClay Ceramics Centre

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2020

LoveClay Ceramics Centre

A teapot. Or many teapots, with blue mosaic bodies and crisp white handles and spouts, crushed together in a torrential disarray of fine china. A tangle of woodland flora in autumn colours come together in human form – perhaps a fairy queen? A bust, eyes filled with youthful disdain, regards passers-by through a pig mask. These fantastic works, and many others, await you at LoveClay ceramics centre!

The gallery at LoveClay Ceramics Centre is chock full of strange and wonderful ceramic artwork that pays tribute to Stoke’s clay heart. Accumulated over forty years by family clay-manufacturers, Valentine Clays, these beautiful pieces showcase the immense versatility of clay as a medium.

LoveClay is also keen to give ceramic artists a leg-up. Alongside their permanent gallery, they also play host to a wide range of well-established and up-and-coming ceramic artists in temporary exhibits of work for sale. And not only will they display your work, but they’ll also teach you how to make it! LoveClay run an array of workshops for all skill levels from beginner courses to professional masterclasses, as well as family-focused classes and themed workshops, including one for Christmas!

The gallery and exhibitions are currently closed due to COVID-19 but keep an eye out for their return on the 4th January!


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