Fully Managed Service for Landlords

Our managed service includes all of the let-only service plus all of the following:

Maintenance Issues

Maintenance issues are dealt with by our team using a 24/7, online, picture-based tenant reporting system.


All of our packages include a check-out service however for our managed properties, we will mediate in any deposit disputes which arise.

Rental Payment Management


All of our managed landlords receive monthly accountant submittable statements for the rent which has been received, minus any fees or maintenance costs.

Notifying Utility Companies

At the end of each tenancy, we collect all meter readings and update the utility companies with those readings and the tenancy end date. This includes notifying the relevant council authority.


We will organise for safety certificates, such as a landlord’s gas safety certificate, to be carried out during the tenancy when they are due.

Property Inspections

We carry out property inspections twice a year and these note the condition of the property and provide us with an opportunity to ask the tenants what their plans are for remaining in the property.

Changes in Legislation

Changes in rental law can occur at any time and we are always quick to react and ensure that all of our landlords are legally compliant.

Rent and Legal Cover

All of our managed landlords have Annual Rent guarantee and legal cover which protects them should the tenant fall into arrears.


Becoming a Landlord?

If you're contemplating becoming a landlord, the best starting point is to get an idea of the market value of your property. We are always happy to visit, at a time to suit and give you our professional opinion on price.

There is no charge or obligation whatsoever, and any discussions we have are in complete confidence.

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