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We are confident that over a 12 month period, we offer more services for less money than your current letting agent is charging you.

On average, we are 25% cheaper.

Our monthly management fee is 10% + VAT and an annual fee of 8%, including VAT of the yearly rent.

Our standard management service includes:

  • Professional photography (this is a free, complimentary service, as Rockett Home Rentals retains the IP of the photographs).
  • Professional credit and reference checks
  • Right to rent checks
  • No set up fees
  • Professional inventory
  • Registering the deposit
  • Notifying utilities
  • Rent guarantee and legal cover insurance
  • Dealing with all maintenance
  • No agency mark up on any expenditure such as maintenance, certificates, etc
  • Out of hours video triage maintenance service
  • Professional mid term inspections every six months
  • Annual statements
  • Service of notices
  • Rent reviews
  • Renewals
  • Professional checkout at end of tenancy
  • Dealing with any deposit disputes
  • Re-letting the property and repeating the above

Your current agent will be charging some or a lot of the above as add-on chargeable extras. These add-ons are not bells and whistles, they are essential for a legally compliant tenancy and to protect the landlord.

Also, the Renters (Reform) Bill will soon end fixed-term tenancies and move to “rolling” periodic tenancies. This means the longest tenancy term a landlord can ask for is 6 months. Under most agencies' terms of business, you could be paying set up fees every six months. 

Rockett Home Rentals will keep its annual administration fee the same, so no matter how many tenancy changes in a year, you will still only pay our fee once a year.

The following is a simple way to test whether you are paying more or less than you were with Rockett Home Rentals.

If the rent is £800 PCM, for instance, over a calendar year, Rockett Home Rentals will charge you £1920, including VAT.

With your current agent, add the monthly fee times 12, the set-up fee and any add-ons from the service list (don’t forget the maintenance, certificate, and goods mark up your agent will probably be adding)

Once you have added everything up, are you paying more than £1920 over a calendar year? If so, speak to us to reduce your costs.

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