Refer a Friend to Croft Architecture and Get a Free Gift of Your Choice

Posted on Monday, December 17, 2018

Refer a Friend to Croft Architecture and Get a Free Gift of Your Choice

Here's a little message that you might be interested in from our friends at Croft Architecture...

Introduce a friend to Croft Architecture and receive a FREE gift of your choice when your friend signs on the line.

Looking to introduce a friend to Croft Architecture? 

Here at Croft Architecture, not only do we offer a gift if you introduce your friends to us, but we also allow you to choose which reward you prefer.

As long as your friends become a client of Croft Architecture, you’ll be able to claim your reward as soon as their project is up and running. 

Here's how it works...

And here are the terms & conditions.

Why use an architect for your building project?

Your property; it’s probably the biggest purchase & asset you’ll own in your life. It’s your little piece of the country and most of us want to transform the living space into the ideal: a dream home.  

So, when it comes to planning major alterations, extensions or even building a brand-new property, you need to get the very best team together to plan, design and build your project in the most efficient way.

It should come as no surprise that one of the best, if not the best, ways to execute a successful building project is to use a good architect. Recruiting a great architect should, therefore, be your first point of call.

Many of us have been inspired to transform our properties by architectural reality television shows. Amidst the excitement of the prospect of starting a new venture, you may think that a building project can easily be taken on as a novice and succeed. Right?

Wrong, the reality of fulfilling the role of client, designer and project manager all by yourself is not as simple as you may think! We often witness such programmes that reveal the stresses of people as they battle their own inexperience to overcome a mammoth set of challenges. It could all be much better organised.

Why take unnecessary risks with your largest asset, your property? Even the smallest mistakes could equate to big costs!

What does an architect do?

Many people do not understand the full benefits of working with an architect. Of course, architects design and obtain statutory approvals, such as planning permission and building control approval, but what else do they do?

Our team have experienced the design, planning, construction of many different types of buildings lots of times before. We bring value for money to any development, imagination and design flair, project management, for peace of mind that a scheme is heading in the right direction, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the budget and managing project risk.

We'd like to help more people to achieve their ambitions with their building projects.

Explore our services in greater detail to find out more about how a good architect can help you to save time and money with your building project - you won't regret it.

So, introduce your friends to Croft Architecture and we'll help to get their project started.