Our Mission to Uncover Hidden Landlord Fees is Gaining Momentum

Posted on Monday, April 1, 2019

Our Mission to Uncover Hidden Landlord Fees is Gaining Momentum

As a landlord, not only do you want to know that your letting agent is looking after your investment but you should be safe in the knowledge that the fees you’re being charged are fair, honest, transparent and representative of the service you receive.

Not long ago, we published a guide to questioning what you’re being charged by your letting agent in the lead up to the forthcoming tenant fees ban that launches in June 2019. We also offered you a glimpse into the unethical practices some property managers use to increase their profits.

To help you navigate your way through this potential minefield, here are two resources you must read:

In a bid to find out how widespread these practices are among letting agents, we have developed an anonymous survey aimed at contractors including plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, gas engineers and gardeners to find out more about their payment and billing arrangements.

This survey aims to gauge how much agents are trying to make in hidden landlord fees through undeclared contractor mark-ups and is already starting to become quite a talking point by landlords, agents, the industry press and more. Check out some of the feedback and comments here:




As a letting agent that prides itself on its honesty and transparency, we believe this to be underhand when competing for an instruction, and when managing a property.

Shortly after our launch of the survey, a renowned property publication took notice of our and ran the story, spreading our message further and stirring up a wealth of debate - you can read all the comments here.

If you’re a professional contractor working with letting agents and you’d like to change the industry for the better - please take a moment to take part in our 100% anonymous survey - we look forward to receiving your insights.