Behind the Scenes: We sat down with Derek Turney, Enterprise Account Executive at Help me Fix, to talk about our out-of-hours maintenance support service.

Posted on Friday, March 29, 2024

Behind the Scenes: We sat down with Derek Turney, Enterprise Account Executive at Help me Fix, to talk about our out-of-hours maintenance support service.

We sat down with Derek Turney, Enterprise Account Executive at Help me Fix, to talk about the benefits of the Help me Fix service for landlords, tenants and our agency.

Help me Fix isn’t just another tech solution—it’s a brainchild born from industry expertise in property management, heating and plumbing and a deep understanding of pain points. The Founder of Help me Fix Ettan Bazil was a contractor himself!. Derek and his team are seasoned professionals who’ve navigated the complexities of property management, maintenance, and resident satisfaction. Their collective experience spans various angles, from the resident’s urgent call for help to the landlord’s budget constraints.

The Solution: Connecting Residents to Tradespeople

At its core, Help me Fix is about bridging gaps. It’s the missing link that connects residents directly to qualified tradespeople. Here’s how it works:

  1. Cost Reduction for all: By enabling remote video consultations, Help me Fix minimises unnecessary call-out charges. Tenants receive timely advice without the need for immediate physical presence, saving both time and money and landlords can cut call out charges and reduce bills by up to 50%. For Rockett Home Rentals we can free up to 30% more time for property managers and our Monday mornings are no longer manic dealing with all of the out of hours enquiries.
  2. Service Enhancement: Imagine a tenant facing a minor plumbing issue. Instead of waiting for a technician to arrive, they connect with an experienced engineer via video. The engineer troubleshoots the problem, provides guidance, and empowers the tenant to take action. It’s service on-demand, tailored to the tenant’s needs.
  3. Decarbonising Maintenance: Traditional maintenance processes involve travel, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions. With Help me Fix, unnecessary site visits are reduced, contributing to environmental sustainability. It’s a win-win for both property management and the planet.

When Rockett Home Rentals was introduced to Help me Fix, we recognised its potential immediately. The levels of service provided by Derek’s team impressed us. Derek said “We at Help me Fix are absolutely thrilled to join forces with Rockett Home Rentals, providing support for their out-of-hours maintenance needs. We enjoy collaborating with dynamic agents who prioritise their landlords and tenants, guaranteeing they're given the support they need when it matters most!”

This blog explores the extended benefits of the service and how by partnering with Help me Fix, Rockett Home Rentals is a cut above the rest.

Building Trust and Efficiency: Rockett Home Rentals' Partnership with Help me Fix


With the help of Help me Fix, Rockett Home Rentals is setting a new standard in property management within Newcastle under Lyme. We are currently the only letting agent in the area to offer an innovative emergency out-of-hours maintenance solution through our partnership with Help me Fix. This collaboration not only positions us as a leader in the industry but also underlines our commitment to providing unparalleled service to our tenants and landlords. Our strategic partnership with Help me Fix streamlines maintenance processes and enables trust between tenants, landlords, and our agency.

Landlord Benefits

Significant Cost Savings and Qualified Engineers

Landlords face a delicate balance between maintaining properties and minimising expenses. Rockett Home Rentals' partnership with Help me Fix means that landlord bills and call out charges can be reduced by as much as 50%! Our partnership ensures that the right engineers are dispatched, and have the right equipment and parts to fix the problem on the first visit. This reduces the risk of unnecessary call-out charges and ensures efficient problem-solving. Landlords can rest assured that their investments are in capable hands.

Trust and Long-Term Occupancy

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful landlord-tenant relationship. Rockett Home Rentals' commitment to personalised service through Help me Fix nurtures this trust. When tenants experience reliable assistance from qualified engineers, they develop confidence in their landlords and the property management company. This trust extends beyond immediate problem-solving, laying the groundwork for lasting partnerships.

Prolonged Occupancy

Long-term tenant occupancy benefits both parties. As tenants build trust in Rockett Home Rentals' responsive service, they are likelier to stay in their homes. For landlords, this translates to stable income streams and a well-maintained property. Rockett Home Rentals' unique position as the sole letting agent in Newcastle under Lyme offering this service sets them apart, making them the go-to choice for tenants seeking reliability and landlords aiming for sustained occupancy.

Tenant Benefits

Access to Qualified Engineers: Empowering Tenants

Tenants often grapple with emergency maintenance issues, and timely assistance is crucial. With Help me Fix, Rockett Home Rentals provides tenants direct access to qualified engineers via video calls. This personalised interaction ensures that tenants receive expert advice and solutions on the spot. Whether it's a minor plumbing glitch or an electrical concern, tenants can seek guidance immediately. The engineers will endeavour to fix the problem on the call, but if not, they will review the severity of the issue and only request dispatch of an out-of-hours emergency contractor if absolutely necessary, and the visit will have a beneficial outcome.

24/7 Emergency Service: Peace of Mind for Tenants

Emergencies don't adhere to regular business hours and recent studies have shown half of all emergencies happen out of hours. Rockett Home Rentals recognises this reality and utilises Help me Fix exclusively for out-of-hours emergencies. Imagine a burst pipe flooding the kitchen late at night or a heating failure during a chilly weekend. Tenants can rest assured that urgent problems receive immediate attention, providing peace of mind and minimising property damage.

Building Trust Through Personalised Service

Unlike automated, scripted and robotic helplines, Help me Fix offers personalised interactions. Tenants speak directly to experienced engineers who fix immediate issues and share valuable knowledge. Rockett Home Rentals nurtures self-reliance and strengthens the tenant-landlord bond by empowering tenants with basic troubleshooting skills. Trust is built through consistent, reliable service.

Uniqueness: Rockett Home Rentals in Newcastle under Lyme

Rockett Home Rentals stands out as the sole letting agent in Newcastle under Lyme, offering the Help me Fix service. Our independence allows us to make swift partnership decisions, putting us ahead of the competition. While larger agencies fight with bureaucracy, Rockett Home Rentals can quickly implement innovative solutions. This agility translates into superior service for both landlords and tenants.


Rockett Home Rentals' partnership with Help me Fix exemplifies forward-thinking property management. This collaboration sets a new standard by prioritising tenant satisfaction, landlord protection, and operational efficiency. As tenants enjoy peace of mind and landlords experience streamlined processes, Rockett Home Rentals is the go-to letting agent in Newcastle under Lyme. We are excited to see this partnership grow.