A Tribute to Minnie: Rockett Home Rentals’ Best, Best Friend

Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Tribute to Minnie: Rockett Home Rentals’ Best, Best Friend

Recently, we lost a wonderful friend and office mascot, Minnie, our friendly Jack Russell with a happy heart and a personality to match.

As a tribute to this special individual, here are some warm words from Bill and Hayley - the two people that knew her best:


Me and my mum, Martha, adopted her from Many Tears in May 2009 but sadly, she passed away on Sunday 12th August. We changed her name to ‘Minnie’ for two reasons: because she was so small and because she was such a minx!  

Minnie had a very charmed life and was loved and spoiled by us.  She had tremendous character and a personality which only slightly waned when she became poorly a couple of years ago. However, before this, she lost an eye after running into a wall chasing a ball.  This only slowed her down for a couple of months, if that. She continued chasing balls of all sizes, and was even known to run onto fields to steal a football, mid-game!

She was a wonderful addition to the family, she was my best friend, never leaving my side, and I will miss her immensely.


It is with great sadness that we report that Minnie has passed away due to ill health.  Minnie has been as much a part of the Rockett team here as any employee. If the office was open, Minnie was here.  Landlords, tenants, contractors, and everyone else that walked through our doors, all knew Minnie. She has been immortalised as part of a company animation.  There is a big hole in the office now that Minnie is no longer here and her passing is notable.

Minnie, when she was in good health, was a fun ball of energy in the office.  She would chase everyone for food and you could not leave your packed lunch on the floor (as one girl did, much to her loss, LOL). If you were eating, she was either pawing at your leg or sitting, staring longingly at you. She was always up to mischief and would chase anything that would roll.

Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, she developed cancer, kidney failure and other ailments that took their toll and dampened her spark.  She was still with us in the office up to the day before her passing. She will be greatly missed and will always be a key part of the history of Rockett Home Rentals.

Wonderful words indeed. Rest in peace Minnie, you will be missed.