Famous Quotes That Prove Why You Should ‘Go Local’

Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Famous Quotes That Prove Why You Should ‘Go Local’

As an independent letting agent, here at Rockett Home Rentals HQ we’re 110% dedicated to supporting local businesses. The independent stores, service providers, bars, restaurants and retailers in your area are heroes - and by buying into them you will help your local community to thrive - one purchase at a time.

Our message is simple: go local today and enjoy a brighter tomorrow. To help you on your quest towards ‘local enlightenment’, here are some famous quotes that demonstrate the value of small independent businesses for you to enjoy.


"Small business people are people with goals and values that can't be calculated on a profit and loss statement." - Linda McMahon


"We need to preserve our neighbourhoods, our small business, our local economy." - Maria Semple


"A small business can survive for a while without making a profit, but if its cash flow dries up, the impact is fatal." - Theo Paphitis


"A big business starts small." - Zig Ziglar




"Think globally, act locally."- Paul McCartney


"I always take the time to eat well and eat l locally because it's common sense." - Ellen Page


"The NHS is a national organisation, but it’s best delivered locally." - Andrew Lansley


"If I'm hunting down gifts, I like to buy locally." - Arabella Weir


"Ghost towns happen when you don't shop locally." – Snapretail


"You can't buy happiness but you can buy local, and that's kind of the same." - Anon



"Local businesses are the backbone of any community, both culturally and economically. The knowledge, expertise, products, services and sense of camaraderie you get from a local independent is something that you simply cannot mimic elsewhere. Local is our past, present and future." - Bill Rockett, Founder of Rockett Home Rentals

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." - Anna Lappe


There’s no doubt about it: investing in local is the way forward - and that goes for the property sector too (lettings specifically). To put this into perspective, read about why independent landlords are best served by independent letting agents.